Our vision

Our planet is hurt and #ourocean, the primary source of our life, is sick. We believe that positive experiences and the involvement of people in the activities we carry out help to create more awareness and therefore greater respect for the environment. We offer sustainable sea-related activities. Our services are designed for small groups of people so our guests can live a holistic experience reconnecting with nature and experiencing emotions to share with other people. Nature, pleasure, new friends sun and relaxation complete each of our experiences.

MArine Life Spotting Experiences

We leave early in the morning in search of marine animals: dolphins, seabirds, turtles, fish. The marine biologist on board, tells us about the inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea an what we could spot today. The day on board includes stops for swimming and snorkelling away from the usual tourist circuits, in search of peace and contact with nature. The boat accommodates a maximum of 15 people. We'll have a serene, slow, full of excitement and time for ourselves day. During the trip are offered delicious Maltese snacks and water.
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Filfla Tour, North East Marine Life spotting, North West Marine Life spotting

Sunset tour

The sunset is always a spiritual moment. The sun dips below the horizon and paints the sky with astonishing colours. We go out towards the West coast where the sun sets. During the trip, the biologist on board scans the horizon in search of marine life. The shearwaters, waiting to return to their nests, give us an interesting opportunity to talk about endangered species in the Mediterranean Sea. We eat delicious Maltese snacks and drink a good glass of wine. We can also take a swim or do snorkelling in extraordinary spots.;
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Sailing weekend

Marine science courses

Know to protect. What better way  to discover the marine ecosystem than experiencing it with your own hands? We accompany the children to explore the Mediterranean Sea, both from the oceanographic and biological point of view.  A day in classroom accompanied by videos and slides to learn the fundamentals and then, an extraordinary day at the beach or on a boat to test the concepts studied the previous day. Fun and practical experiments will lead our "students" to discover a unique and extraordinary ecosystem. Discover more about courses: Scientist of the Sea